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Grass Seeds – Down In The Meadow

The grasses have now flowered and their seeds are all around. These seeds can get into any crack or crevice such as ears and eyes and will make these sore until they are removed. If your pet has a smelly ear, a weepy eye or keeps sneezing, a trip to the vets is in order... Read more »

Ear Disease In Your Dog

Ear disease is quite common in dogs and you should make ear examination part of a weekly health check for your pet. If your dog's ears look red or sore on the inside, if there is a smell coming from the ears or if your pet is shaking its head excessively then contact your vet... Read more »

Ear cleaning

Proper ear cleaning is essential in the management of ear disease. Debris and secretions can accumulate in the ear and this may prevent treatment from reaching deep inside in the ear and some medication may not work in the presence of secretions. It is also necessary to keep the ear canal clean so that your... Read more »

Deafness in dogs

Deafness is quite common in dogs, particularly in older dogs and dogs with a white hair coat and blue eyes. Although deafness may cause a dog some problems most deaf dogs can be helped to live a happy life. Why are some dogs deaf? Deafness is quite common in dogs. Many breeds of dog, e.g.... Read more »