Health care plan

Our Health Care Plans are a great way to save money and spread the cost of your pets’ routine health care!

For a simple, monthly fee you will receive all the routine preventative health care your pet needs throughout the year. There is no age limit and you can join any time, and the best bit is you will save money! Ask our team about our Health Care Plans at your next booster vaccination or when you next pop in for flea and worming products.

What’s included and how do I join?

Essential cover from £10.99 for dogs and cats and £5.99 for rabbits per month. What is included:

  • Vaccinations
  • Year round flea and worm treatment with high quality products
  • 6 monthly health check with a vet
  • Nail clipping four times a year
  • 15% off neutering, dental procedures and prescription diets
  • Fly strike prevention (rabbits)

Premium cover from £15.99 for dogs and £13.99 for cats per month. This plan is perfect for older animals needing more health checks or with a long term illness requiring medication. In addition to all the benefits on the essential cover you also receive:

  • Annual blood test
  • Annual urine sample
  • Annual blood pressure check
  • Additional medication check/consult with a vet every 3 months
  • Kennel cough vaccine (dogs)
  • 10% off prescription medications

Please call either branch or pop in for more information on our healthcare plans. If you sign up at your next booster appointment or when you next collect flea or worming products, you can include that in the plan!