If your animal needs to have a prolonged stay at our practice, you can be assured they will have a comfortable, safe environment to recuperate in and will receive the very best of care.

It is always ensured pets have plenty of warm bedding in their kennels. You are welcome to bring some of their own bedding from home if you’d prefer, so your pet has a familiar smell to help them settle in.

Species are always separated in our practices so no dogs, cats or small animals are mixed together. We also provide calming aromas and pheromones such as Feliway and Adaptil to relax your pet into their surroundings.

We welcome visits from owners during the animals stay in hospital as this can often reassure the patient. Please call ahead to arrange this so we can ensure a member of staff is free to assist you. If you are unable to visit your pet during their time with us, our veterinary nurses are always on-hand to give your pets the love and attention they deserve!